SBI Annuity Plus Scheme Details, Eligibility

Annuity plus- the features of this plan include-

a)      There is an option to have Lifetime Annuity payout for you as well as for your  family member

b)      Flexibility to choose frequency of annuity payouts according to your need like Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly or Yearly

c)      Incentives are given of higher annuity rates for large premiums values.

d)     Flexibility is there by which one can advance its Annuity payouts

e)      Return of premium or balance premium

f)       There is a benefit of Accidental Death also in it.

There are also lot of options for annuity available-

a)      Life annuity for single life

b)      Life time income with balance capital refund

c)      Life time income with annual increase of 3% or 5%.

d)     Life time income with period of 5, 10, 15 or 20 year or also for life thereafter.

e)      Life annuity for two lives.


The other features of this plan are-


Age Limits*   Minimum age at entry : 40 years                
Maximum age at entry: 80 years
Annuity Payout
(per installment)


Minimum :  Monthly: Rs.200, Quarterly: Rs.600,
Half-yearly: Rs.1,200, Yearly: Rs.2,400 
No limit
Annuity payout mode   Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly or Yearly
Premium Amounts    Minimum. : Such that the minimum annuity installment can be paid
Maximum.: No Limit

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